Autor : Rabbi Zalman Of Liadi Schneur,schneur Z. Boruchovich,j. Immanuel Schochet
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Reseña del editor This Tanya has an enlarged text, for optimal reading. The Tanya, considered the 'written Torah' of Chasidism, is now studied by tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life. The bilingual Tanya has contributed enormously to this global interest, by both stimlating and sating the quest for deeper involvement in Chasidut, in those to whom the original Hebrew text remains inaccessible, not only on the intellectual level, but as a modus vivendi. First published in 1973, the Bilingual Edition has become the standard translation of Tanya. New features include fresh, easy-to-read typeface, Hebrew text from the newly revised (2010) Hebrew edition of Likkutei Amarim Tanya, with a consistent style in the translation throught the work. All outdated Scriptural translations have been updated. Errors have been corrected. Footnotes appear on the page on which they are referenced. Where the note is too long to fit on one page, Hebrew text is repeated in the next folio, with the remainder of the English footnote facing it. The English supplements section has been completely revised, and renamed 'addendum,' with in independent pagination system reading from left to right, and in information therein has been restructured in a user-friendly order. The glossary originally appearing to Part 1 has been updated to cover all five parts of the Tanya, and detailed indices and a bibliography have been added. Includes the title 'Mystical Concepts in Chassidism,' an excellent guide to the intricate concepts of Jewish mysticism. This is the Bilingual Deluxe Edition, and it is enhanced by its leatherette cover.

El Puente Invisible (Best Seller)

El Puente Invisible (Best Seller)

Autor : Julie Orringer,esther Roig Giménez;
Género : Libros, Literatura y ficción, Ficción por género,
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El Maligno: The Evil

El Maligno: The Evil

Autor : Milton Paredes Portella
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Enciclopedia Del Holocausto

Enciclopedia Del Holocausto

Autor : Efraim Zadoff
Género : Tienda Kindle, eBooks Kindle, Religión,
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Enfrente Sus Gigantes

Enfrente Sus Gigantes

Autor : Max Lucado
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Energia Y Poder

Energia Y Poder

Autor : Sharon Beder
Género : Libros, Política, Administración pública,
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Tamaño de archivo : 6.48 MB